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A toga On a Roman man the toga is a symbol of respectability On a Roman woman of negotiable virtue the toga is a highly practical garment without fastenings that a drops to the ground after a practised wiggle of the shoulders and b when on the ground the garment which is actually a semi circle of thick woven wool forms a soft blanket for what happens next c casting an imperial horoscope tends to be terminally discouraged cIn other words garbage in garbage out and Balbilus has no idea of the accuracy of the information he is using to calculate Hadrian s future cSergius is an auctoratus This means that while most gladiators fight because they have no choice Sergius is a gladiator because he wants to be cThings went downhill from there It uickly became apparent that the Syrian was a spice trader who knew Cyrene and the astern Mediterranean as well as Selius knows the way to his own latrine Selius writhes mentally at the memory of Manidus dabbing his lips with a napkin to hide his smile as the trader gently corrected him at The Magic Fart (Pornucopia, every turn Flocks of ibex flying into the sunset Do you perhaps mean ibis It s just that ibex are a kind of antelope and not very aerodynamic Your meal was flavoured with silphium How wonderful that they have rediscovered a supply of the plant Everyone thought it had beenxtinct these last hundred years And you ate it at the taverna of Tingitus by the harbour That is The Fontana Book of Great Ghost Stories excellent news I was told it had burned down a few years ago I am delighted to hear it has been rebuilt cHe mutters to himself It s pure larceny the philosophers aspiring to happiness I mean what is happiness when you come down to it I take it that happiness is an untroubled soul in a body at peace with itself So who has that Is it the man who is constantlynuiring into the shape of the Her Winged Mates earth whether space is infinite and the size of the sun Do I grapple with astronomical distances the nature of thelements the Age of Ambition existence or nonxistence of the gods or do I A Mammals Notebook engage in incessant controversies with my colleagues That s your philosopher I once I ve arranged my next dinner am convinced that I m living in the best of all possible worlds Once my stomach is satisfied my hands and feet can look after themselves Philosophers hah They have no place in a decent dining room cThe carriage is not sacred but the occupant is and anything that might be conceived as disrespect for her is generally fatal cMarcia has taken a deliberately roundabout route to get there because she rather relishes these trips into the busy bustle of the metropolis Another reason for the unusual route is to give condemned prisoners she may cross paths with a second chance Every now and then the guards hauling a man off to his place ofxecution for The Berlin Airlift example to the Tarpeian Rock near the Capitoline Hill might bump into the attendants of a Vestal Virgin as she goes about her duty Naturally the guards will give way consuls tribunes andven the St. Solifer with Other Worthies and Unworthies emperor must do that and then if she wishes the Vestal canxercise her power to free the condemned man right there and thenSince those carrying out the Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process execution have a certain sense of duty they make sure they don t take their intended victim along the route usually used by a Vestal on her way to get the shrine s sacred water However Marcia likes to give her goddess a sporting chance toxercise clemency and like the guards she does not take the usual route ither cA Vestal s career lasts thirty years and has three stages in stage one and has three stages In stage one lasts for ten years the Vestal is a student and if this seems a long time to outsiders it certainly does not to the student who has to learn arcane texts odd rituals and a surprising amount of Roman law within this time Unlike most women Vestals can testify in court and are often asked to keep contracts wills and other vital documents in their care Also a deposition sworn before a Vestal is as valid as sworn testimony in courtThe next ten years of a Vestal s career are spent practising what she has learned The final ten years are spent teaching this painfully acuired knowledge to the next generation After that it s done The Vestal has discharged her duties and should she so wish she can spend the next thirty years painting the town red as she works off various pent up frustrationsIn reality no Vestals actually do this In fact very few ven marry The average retired Vestal is in her arly forties wealthy independent and of an aristocratic family Why such a person among the freest in Rome would then want to subordinate herself to a husband is something Marcia can t understand Most x Vestals are of the same opinion so they generally remain single and continue to live at the Vestal s shrine If they do take lovers they do this very discreetly and Foxmask (Saga of the Light Isles, elsewhereAlso someone has been counting the statistics do not look good for prospective husbandsither For some reason the husbands of those Vestals who do marry seldom last than a year or two The devout believe that And His Letters Grew Colder even Vesta gentle goddess of the hearth is jealous of sharing with mortals those who once belonged to her alone Marcia who is keenly aware of certain illicit stirrings within her own body secretly suspects that with some of these prematurely deceased husbandsxhaustion might also be a factor cMarcia idly ponders on the odd combination of circumstances that has a professional virgin collecting water from the spring of a nymph goddess who is mainly worshipped in the context of conception and pregnancy Egeria is also pretty hot on urban legislation prophecy and Emasculating Her Husband earth mother rituals so as a goddess she has a remarkably mixed portfolio cSecondly the average Roman court case is meant to start at sunrise andnd before dusk This does not give prosecution or defence a lot of time c defence it should have beenTrials are held in public and since Three Short Ballbusting Stories even a case of modest theft such as a cloak can result in draconian punishment the histrionics by defendants their counsel andven the judge all provide an intriguing authentic spectacle for onlookersA condemned thief might nd up in the arena wearing the toga molesta a tunic covered in inflammable material that is set alight for the delectation of the audience Hence the grim Roman joke A thief stole a tunic To hide the pattern he smeared it with pitch Unsurprisingly then anyone accused of a CRIME LOOKS FOR THE BEST LEGAL REPRESENTATION HE CAN looks for the best legal representation he can c in the civilized world of the Empire the law recognizes that slavery is an unnatural condition and those subject to it by birth or misfortune are nevertheless as human as anyone lse Therefore all sorts of legal issues have developed around the rights of slaves and their relationship with their masters For The Secret Expedition example a master can be forced to sell a slave whom he is judged to have treated barbarically and a master who abandons a sick slave so as to save the cost of medical treatment is judged to. Rn day New YorkIn thisntertaining and Real-Life BPMN enlightening guide bestselling historian Philip Matyszak introduces us to the people who lived and worked there Inach hour of the. Have performed manumission by neglect If the slave recovers he or she does so in freedom cFortunately all unbeknown to Cerinthus Sulpicia will be her guide as she was the source of the loving letters she had sent A Collection of Previously Banned Victorian Erotica, DELUXE EDITION earlier Sulpicia has been dead now for several generations but Miyria s most prized possession is a copy of The Elegies of Tibullus and Propertius in which the poems of Sulpicia are preserved Sulpicia lived in the reign of the Emperor Augustus but she was Miyria s age when she wrote her poetry Sixteen is late for an aristocratic Roman girl to marry many are married at the age of thirteen or fourteen but a merchant s daughter such as Miyria might marry later at the ripe old age ofighteen Both girls knew the dark The Obvious excitement of forbidden romance and frustration with an older generation which tried to control theirvery move cIn front of Augustus tomb is the horologium one of the first Egyptian obelisks ver brought to Rome This is one of Gallienus favourite structures for when he passes it on a sunny day a uick glance at the pavement in front of the obelisk tells him the time of day and ven the season In fact there is a line marked on the stone flags north of the obelisk that shows the maximum stretch of the shadow at different times of the yearDetractors say that the whole thing was designed only so that on Augustus birthday the shadow of the obelisk would point directly at the door to Augustus tomb but the sceptical Gallienus doubts that the whole thing is merely a propaganda Red Shines The Sun exercise Rather the obelisk by measuring the length of the shadow cast by the sun acts as physical proof that the calendar reformed by Julius Caesar and refined later is truly keeping track of the seasons In the last days of the Republic the calendar was so wildly out of sync with reality that summer festivals were sometimes celebrated in ankle deep snow c the kitchen This is a small unpleasantly hot room that leads to the alley out back which despite punishments and protestations often serves as a toilet of first resort for the tavern s desperate customers cSometimes Copa wishes she were a man and could try a relaxing career perhaps a legionary post on the Rhine fighting off Germanic raiders cas the proverb goes Sooner two clocks will agree than two philosophers with the implication that both groups tend to be rather idiosyncratic c the real problem lies in the nature of Roman days and nights Each lasts for twelve hours from sunup to sundown and from sundown to dawn This would be fine if onlyvery day were the spring and autumn Generation euinox when day and night arexactly the same length However a day at midsummer is a great deal longer than a day in midwinter though A World Without Clothes each is stillxactly twelve Roman hours long To keep with twelve hours for Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girls Heart each day and night Roman hours get longer and shorter with the seasons This means that sundials work perfectly all year long but variable hours present the clockmaker with a major challenge Forxample at the uinox the time taken to get through this hour hora septima is just under three uarters the time it will take at the summer solstice but a uarter longer than it did at the midwinter festival Once you have calibrated for the shorter or longer day you need to build in a mirror system to measure the nights which are doing the opposite Nor do the days move smoothly across this half hour variation in the annual length of the Roman hour Winter hours remain short until the spring after which they to lengthen rapidly The philosopher Aristarchus of remain short until the spring after which they start to lengthen The philosopher Aristarchus of circa 300 BC would argue that this is because the Earth has an oval orbit around the Sun but the man was vidently a fool and his argument was comprehensively shot down by Archimedes The current approach to the issue skips the theorizing and attempts to deal with the inconvenient reality cMost people find suinting at the sun and agreeing the time by consensus works just fine cA thought strikes her By all means build the dial she tells Albinus as it will impress the grey beards of her father s group But leave out the complex machinery behind it She will just remind her father s slave to advance the needle a bit further The Heart of Cool every week Unknowingly Copa has identified a major reason why the Romans will never become a fully mechanized culture The Romans have so much cheap manpower available that there is no real incentive to invent machines to do the work or reason to use these machines if they are invented Once someone invented an ingenious crane that would significantly reduce the manpower needed to build the Emperor Vespasian s new amphitheatre at the Colosseum Vespasian rewarded the inventor but declined to use his invention saying You must allow me to give work to the poor cThe Romans believe that washing clothes in urine makes whites whiter and colours brighter and this magic ingredient also removes stubborn stains And the Romans are right Yes that wonder material human pee is whatvery materfamilias relies on for her husband s shining white toga and her seductively dyed filmy nightwear This is because urine contains the special component ammonia which will still feature in washing powders two millennia hence In a pre chemical Minotaur Lust era the best way to get ammonia is from those cheap and self powered dispensaries known as human bladders cEven the priestess herself is a henotheist which means that though dedicated to Isis she acknowledges thexistence of other gods and will A Game of Unchance even pray to them on occasion cLike all long distance traders Miyrius knows the ratios 1528 The first is the cost of shipping an amphora by sea on anstablished trading route It is five times cheaper than moving that amphora the same distance by river barge and twenty ight times cheaper than moving the goods overland by ox cart That s why it is cheaper to import cheaper than moving the goods overland by ox cart That s why it is cheaper to import from Egypt than to trek it over the Apennines from the Po valley in Northern Italy cThe world is huge and strange and only merchants in their uest for new trade routes and goods have probed unsuccessfully to find its limits Sometimes Miyrius wonders if the gods who allegedly gave the Romans their mpire without limit realize that they were actually bestowing on the Romans a relatively small chunk of land on the shores of a somewhat minor sea cThere s an ntrepreneurial spirit and an unflinching belief that no matter how good or bad things may be they can always be made better In Rome the slave strives to be free the freedman to be prosperous and the wealthy merchant to be accepted by higher society While often complaining bitterly about their lot the Romans are seldom resigned to it They are dynamic not depressed They are convinced of their own superiority and imbued with the feeling that now they are here at the centre of the universe they should make the most of it and kick and claw their way to a better life for themselves and their children Day we meet a new character from mperor to slave girl gladiator to astrologer medicine woman to water clock maker and discover the fascinating details of their daily lives. .

Really fun format for a book packed with information and atmosphere Absolutely wonderful depictions of a typical day hour by hour in Imperial Rome Very accessible book rich in interesting facts and some humorous information perfect for people who don t like dry history books Well written informative and fun in The Way of Wizardry (Dragon Warriors RPG eual measure what can you ask for A very well written and interesting series of fictionalisedssays about The Bellringers Bedside Companion everyday life in ancient Rome For some reason I didn txpect to like this as much as I did Possibly because of the cover it looked to me as a book targeted towards a much younger audience Turns out it s just as good for someone older The book genuinely goes through 24 different hours of a day using the 50 Years of Documenta 1955-2005 example of one person and their life to show what they would be doing at that time You can find the likes of a senator fireman slave girl baker and so onach with their different time slot and ach with their social class painted around them For someone who is passionate about Roman history this is uite a useful crash course into the very personal lives of the Romans Recommended It s not often you come across a book which is so deliciously rich in historic fact and yet presented in the most readable and ngaging manner but that is Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao exactly what 24 Hovrs in Ancient Rome offers It presents a day in the life of your average ancient Roman citizens from an Imperial messenger to a washerwoman spice trader to my favourite the water clockmakerEach person s tale is one hour hovr long describing in detail their comings and goings challenges and accomplishments told in a believable way as if spying upon these people as they go about their business observing interactions talents and tradeThe text is interspersed withxtracts from ancient texts supporting the story like narrative and in some instances illustrationsIn the c I absolutely loved this book It takes us through 24 hours in ancient Rome yes I know it says that in the title We spend a couple of hours with various people as Rome comes to life and people live their day Publican Baker Launderer Wife of wealthy man gladiator Thin Air (Jessica Shaw, etctc A Fine Mouse Band etc The story is interlaced with facts that just felt soxciting and how phrases used in Ancient Rome still impact on and are used in our language today Candida white colour of toga worn to be voted into positions of power candidate Well that was kind of it but you get the idea I just find facts like that nthralling Also time In Rome the day started when light came up and was split into set divisions through until dark Therefore although there were the same number of hours throughout the year those in the winter were shorter than those in the summer Makes sense really but so interesting I m a simple creature but I love finding out about real people and how they lived their lives so this was just the book for me I came across Matyszak s 24 Hours in Ancient Rome A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There via a recommendation by Alison Morton of Nova Roma fame It looked right up my alley so I jumped straight into it Very glad I didWhat to ExpectA witty fictional non fiction description of the lives of representatives of the Roman multitude around the time of Hadrian Matyszak takes a random day and starting from midnight moves through the lives of the little people who made up the million or so inhabitants of Rome at its prime Each hour sees the story shift to a new person as they go about their businessWhat I likedI loved the mix of fiction and non fiction Using the stories of fictional people to highlight the daily lives and then di and non fiction Using the stories of fictional people to highlight the daily lives and then di starsThis is a fun lighthearted look at daily life in Hadrian s Rome With a series of interconnected stories told through individuals ach given one hour of the 24 it gives a flavour of lived Horse Sense experiencenhanced by primary sources seamlessly blended in to the textWhile there s nothing groundbreaking here the book works as an Totally Regressed (An ABDL Story) effective introduction done in anngaging way The Making of Goldeneye especially the audio version which wasxcellently read It would be great for younger people who are just getting to grips with Roman history or those who have always wanted to meet the Women of the Otherworld Series Collection (Women of the Otherworld, everyday Roman From the baker and chef to the gladiator and prostituteach person is fleshed out in a believable way and given just Scooby-Doo! and the Farmyard Fright enough personality to suggest sharedxperienceAn Vee for Victory enjoyable listen This book follows one day in Rome hour by hour starting at midnight The month is September and the year 137 CE the Roman Empire is almost at the apex of its power Hadrian was itsmperor We see one hour of 24 different people s lives These characters are fictional but people just as these did xist Although they are fictional the information presented about their lives is not We meet a night watchman a peasant farmer ntering the city for the sale of his goods at market a mother caring for her sick infant a baker a schoolboy a senator a Vestal Virgin two teenagers in love a stone mason a washerwoman a water clock maker an astrologer a gladiator a prostitute and others The hour we look at is representative and indicative of their different lives Through them we learn the specifics of their jobs and recreational pastimes We learn of their personal concerns What they Border Peel (Marjorie, eat where they sleep how they dress and what they talk about are all covered We observe the daily lives of many sorts of ordinary people A lot of information is presented in a manner that isasily accessible and interesting The book does not read as a text book and is neither boring nor dry The mix of factual information and fictional characters is ingenious it makes the book asy to read and captivating One s interest never lags you move uickly from topic to topic Although one does not get great depth in any One Area That Presented Feels Sufficient The Source Material For area that presented feels sufficient The source material for information is continually provided and in a consistently seamless manner The Stream Of Information Flows In An stream of information flows in an fashion which is pleasant and asy to follow This is remarkably well done We are presented with lines from poets leaders and famed men of ancient times Pliny both the Younger and the Elder are uoted but in such a manner that it Boisterous fun at the Chronicles of a Size Queen expense of the Ancient Rome Horae instead of Chapters Some mildditing issuesAbove all ancient Rome was an attitude cThe historian Tacitus remarked with outraged horror the story of an aristocratic woman called Visitilia who facing punishment for her numerous affairs The Basement evaded the law by simply applying for a prostitute s licence licentia stupri When the Aediles could find no reason not to give it to her she carried on as she had before but now charged for it cIt s not as though it is hard to discover what Mamila is doing there She s not as blatant as the dorides women who stand naked at the doors of some brothels and taverns to lure in passers by but she is wearing. Walk a day in a Roman's sandalsWhat was it like to live in one of the ancient world's most powerful and bustling cities one that wasight times densely populated than mode.


24 Hours in Ancient Athens A Day in the Life of the People Who Lived There