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Y doormat How many times is this Girl Going To Fall For His Crap going to all In the Blink of an Eye for his crap also played the same childish games over and over using other guys to make Hardin jealous only to play the victim when she got the reaction she was lookingor all along I Las alas de la mariposa felt sorryor Tessa at *first By the end of this book I was marveling at the act that she hadn t been *By the end of this book I was marveling at the act that she hadn t been out as part of the process of natural selection Surely this girl is too stupid to liveThat being said I still can t pull myself away rom this angsty infuriating story It is like watching a trashy talk show or soap opera It s unrealistic The relationships are toxic It probably kills off brain cells However I can t get enough of it It is my latest guilty pleasure I m kind of ashamed to admit it but I m completely hooked "On This SeriesLike The First Book After We Collided Ends " this seriesLike the Twice Retired first book After We Collided ends a huge cliffhanger Anna Todd certainly knows how to pull me back in At this point I think my relationship with this series is much like the relationship between Hardin and Tessa I should probably cut all ties and get out while I can but I just can t seem to resist the pull I m on to the third book in this addictive dysfunctional romance Caution Rated Ror language and hot stuff The tag line Ten Twentieth-Century Poets for this series should be I m sorry Please just give me one chance Cause I swear to Jesus it s said about 50 times in each book thusar How many times is Hardin going to screw up The answer infinity times and how many times is Tess going to In the Days of the Comet Seventeen Short Stories (Works of H.G. Wells 10) forgive him The answer she s a dumb ass This is truly a bad soap opera But my god it s HOT People like myself sadly are drawn to the drama and overall steaminess of this book I m eating it up like a tub of ice cream on a hot summer day It s sooo good as you re eating it but you hate yourself afterwards Go ahead and judge meor downloading the next one I m judging myself Period Power fo sho I swear this is the shittiest trilogy I have ever read I don t even know what went on in the second one Um I don t even know where to start There s so much sex in this book I can t even laugh about it any It s that boring So yeah I don t have much to sayor this shit But please Anna Todd I think we know that a seuel is a continuation Really wish Trevor was in this book Anyways I did a spoiler Biblical Standard for Evangelists filled reading vlogor this book on my YouTube channel which you can check out here Until Again for of my thoughts. Ng new career She needs to moveorward with her lifeHardin knows he made a mistake possibly the biggest one of his life He’s not going down without a Jesus Calling fight But can he change Will he changeor loveBook Two of the After series now newly revised and expanded Anna Todd’s After Ebeles Favourite faniction racked up 1 billion reads online and captivated readers across the globe Experience the Internet’s most talked about book or yoursel. .

Ook everything in me not to set this book on ire if you ve read it you know EXACTLY what I m talking about Though the characters are awful and the plot is weak all the twist made up The Quiet Front for it Because when those twist happen Well lets just say my situation looked a little like this Afterinishing the Beading on a Loom first book in the After series I immediately jumped into this second book There was no way that I was going to uit this series with the way things ended at the end of After absolutely no way I had to know how things were going to play outor this disastrous couple They are like crack It might kill me I know it s really not healthybut I just can t seem to pull myself away Nights of the Round Table from itIf I thought that Hardin and Tessa were going to grow up and start treating each other better I would ve been sorely disappointed These two are every bit as toxic as they were theirst time around The back and Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval forth break up and make up abusive cycle continues strong as ever Of course I m such a gluttonor punishment that I had to have a When Miss Gangster Meets Her Match front row seator all of itPicking up right where the irst book ended Tessa does her best to try and piece her where the irst book ended Tessa does her best to try and piece her back together She has been betrayed by everyone that she thought were her True Paradise friends most of all Hardin Unfortunately the manipulative jackass succeeded in tying her to him when he tricked her into moving into an apartment with him and awayrom the dorms This will make distancing herself rom him difficult than she had hopedWhile Tessa makes a weak attempt at moving on Hardin sets out to prove that his eelings or her are genuine Of course every time he starts to make any progress in that regard he does something that sabotages all of his efforts They truly are their *Own Worst EnemiesFor What *worst enemiesFor what s worth Hardin does seem to show some actual emotions in this book Mainly his regret and heartache shines through It s hard to eel sorry Jonathan Visits the White House for him though since all of his pain is entirely the result of his own cruel actions To make matters worse every time he starts to gain a little nice guy stock he goes and does something abhorrent again reminding me of what a despicable asshat he is Some big revelations about his past onlyurther prove that he is not to be trusted He really is deplorablebut I love To Hate HimI Also hate himI also myself eeling a little irritated with Tessa s weakness this time around Can you sa. Dly in love with despite his angry exterior or has he been a stranger all along She wishes she could walk away It’s just not that easy Not with the memory of passionate nights spent in his arms His electric touch His hungry kissesStill Tessa’s not sure she can endure one broken promise She put so much on hold or Hardin school riends her mom a relationship with a guy who really loved her and now possibly even a promisi. I don t think I can reiterate enough how much I hate this series But Angela why the high rating Well let me break it down This Poison Will Remain for you this is the best worst thing I ve ever read It s so addictive it s insane It s like the potato chip bag of books You don t want to eat than a handful but somehow wind up eating the whole bag After We Collided is seriously just the book After again It s the same shit different day Tessa and Hardin continue their on again off again I hate you but can t live without you bull that they did in theirst Tessa is still the same up tight jump to conclusion why is she dating this guy train wreck that she was in the irst Hardin is *THE SAME GLASS SMASHING MUST FIGHT ANYTHING WITH A *same glass smashing must ight anything with a emotional Sweep of the Blade (Innkeeper Chronicles, fliplopping dbag he was in the Infernal Dictionary Deluxe Edition first as well Tessa continues to say one thing then do another Hardin continues to come up with white pointless liesor again no reason To give Todd some credit she did give her characters a little development and personality in this one than the Bent Over Screaming (Slave to the Desk Book 1) first Tessa managed to have a little spine than a jellyfish and Hardin was a lot comical than in theirst Just because he can t love you the way you want him to doesn t mean he doesn t love you with everything he hasAs Life by Committee far as the plot line goes AWC is like I said above just After only written in dual Pov between Hardin and Tessa A lot of people are saying how important this was because we get to see what s going on in both our leads heads Hate to be the bearer of bad news but there is nothing of substance going on in either of their brains 95% of the time you ll be screaming wow if these two just actually chilled the F out and had a real conversation this book would be 200 pages shorter and sweeter This book is a cluster of what the heck am I reading moments That being said I did enjoy the dual views The plot is as delicious as soggy bread an at this point in time you re probably still wondering why I ve given it such high marks Well because again Todd has managed to hook me in Every time I set this book down within minutes I had to pick it back up The combination of perfectly placed twist smutty goodness my hatred of characters and stupid plot must haveried all my braincells and in return made me love this story The After Series brings nothing new or original to the yana genre The moment it pulled the 50 shades of gross it Tessa has everything to lose Hardin has nothing to lose except her After a tumultuous beginning to their relationship Tessa and Hardin were on the path to making things work Tessa knew Hardin could be cruel but when a bombshell revelation is dropped about the origins of their relationship and Hardin’s mysterious past Tessa is beside herselfHardin will always be Hardin But is he really the deep thoughtful guy Tessa ell ma. After We Collided

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