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Eering into Eli Cash territory Oh I m the first one to review this how lovely Greek mythology mythology in general really is a theme I love so much I ll revisit in in just about any form This was admittedly something of an xperimental retellingreimagining of some of the beloved myths I wasn t familiar with the author s work prior to this and the description was fairly vague but what this فرهنگ معاصر پویا/ انگلیسی-فارسی-دو جلد در یک جلد ended up being is a relatively short collection of myths separated by pantheon divisions and told from a psychological perspective So basically while the facts of the stories may be known from other various sources these versions deal with themotional and mental states of its characters And of course some of the stories also change the facts around also The I received an ARC of this book from the publishing company Farrar Straus and GirouxAfter having read Mason s previous book a collection of reimaginings of the Odyssey last year I was very xcited for his follow up reimaginings of further Greco Roman myths Metamorphica didn t disappointMetamorphica is based on the myths found in Ovid s Metamorphoses although not very myth found there as the original has 15 books worth of content Still in the 53 short stories we get to meet characters both very well known Athena and Persephone Icarus and Orpheus and ones I had to uickly google sorry Tiresias Each myth is introduced briefly at the start of the chapter and then given a little twist during the retelling Maybe Hercules isn t uite as heroic as you remember or maybe Helen of Troy s thoughts are considered instead of her husband s or lover s In this way Ovid s Transformations are transformed furtherMyth reinterpretations are always pretty hard go too far and it s a completely different character with a famous name slapped on go too little and there s no point in not turning to the original For me Mason straddles the line well He has a knack for taking the most important trait of a character and preserving it while changing the rest to fit his new storyNaturally in a collection of short stories some of these work a bit better than others There was no particular story I disliked but some did stick with me than others I think it s in part a matter of story length the longer ones which have a bit room to breathe just work better than say Arachne s one of half a page And in part it s a matter of myth familiarity While you don t really have to know the original myth to Wilder Girls enjoy the story it s certainly funner when you do like a sly little wink between you and the author I bookmarked all the stories I dspecially want to reread later and counting them up it s a little over halfTo no one s particular surprise most of the ones I liked best were the reinterpretations of women centric myths I ll leave Helen s and Persephone S For You To Discover For Yourself for you to discover for yourself here s a little taste of Clytemnestra s Clytemnestra s husband sacrificed their daughter to a goddess so she d send strong favourable winds when his ships were becalmed and he needed to hurry to TroyAfterwards I was going to hang myself I had the idea she d be lonely

Down In The Shadow 
in the shadow afraid of the caverns the dark the other ghosts that CFNM Model even then she needed me but as I tied the rope to the rafter I remember how he d washed his hands in a fountain after killing her with the look of a man relieved to have put a disagreeable task behind him and my mind ignited like dry kindling suddenly I wasmpty of love and had no purpose in life but to be his undoing I ve been waiting a long time for my husband to come homeYepAll in all I thoroughly Strange Weather enjoyed Metamorphica I do think that the previous book The Lost Books of the Odyssey was a tad stronger there s just something very powerful in presenting myriad vastly different stories and interpretations with the same small core set of characters and unfortunately Metamorphica which switches focus withvery story can t match that from the onset But both are very good and Its Only a Game especially if your faves aren t in the Odyssey I really recommend you try this one I m already crossing my fingers that there s going to be a book threeIspecially recommend this book for Fans of Greek myths People interested in myth reinterpretations generally People who like strong dreamy prose Fans of literary fantasy Fans of OG fantasy I m talking 8th century BC style 43 Metamorphica audio by Zachary MasonReaders Bronson Pinchot Kevin Kenerly Robertson Dean Will Damron Xe Sands Amy Landon Kate Reading Robin Milespublished 2018format 631 Libby audiobook 181 pages 304 pages in hardcoveracuired Librarylistened Aug 8 16rating 2 A very recent promising release with some super positive professional reviews a beautiful hardcover which I ve only seen as pictures and for audio an The Seduction Expert (The Seduction Expert elaborate audiobook cast with several very good readers I feel bad not joining the party and lumping on the praiseMason has a nice idea and poetic writing style He uses Ovid as inspiration and re writes anxpansive variety of mythological stories in his own way He changes the stories in ways he likes and presents contemporary sounding voices mostly in the style of first person confessionals of a sort He includes notes with xplanations for some of the story changes he choseI liked revisiting all these stories but I never took to how Mason tells them Worse I got bored and. Retells the great stories of Narcissus Orpheus Persephone Icarus Midas Medea and Actaeon and strings them together like the stars in constellations – with ven Ovid himself Before Watchmen (Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre, entering the narrative It’s as though the ancient mythologies had been rewritten by Borges or Calvino – or artificial intelligence – and brought glimmering back into our world Metamorphica rengages with the lemental power of the ancient. .
Greek myths are brilliant what lse would you The Harvest Murder expect from stories that have lasted millennia However Mason s telling willither Tim and Tobias (Tim and the Hidden People Book A1) enthrall or bore you depending on your stylistic tastes It really comes down to whether you like his lyricism and turn of phrase I feel he s kept thessence of all the stories while still leaving them set in ancient history Of particular note is the transformation of the Midas touch into the creation of a monetary system Persephone s curse into an The Pool By the Whispering Trees (Tim and the Hidden People Book C1) eternal cycle of birth and death Helen s position on fame and the role one has to play in the publicye and Clytemnestra s treachery told through her deep pain and perspective Atlanta s story is al The lyricism doesn t always hit the mark and occasionally falls painfully flat but I like what he does with Narcissus and Clytemnestra and this Magic in the North exchange between Minos and Daedalus Then I ll build you a monument in stonea colossal statue to stand by the harbor andvery man who sails into Knossos will see your face and know your name Your fame will be written in granite My face he says is a face like any other and my name is a noise with no meaning Best in small doses Metamorphica contains retellings of Greek and Roman myths mostly focussing on Ovid s Metamorphoses I had read most of the original myths before and Imagining Gay Paradise even translated a lot of them myself Where this book falls flat for me is how it offers a new view onach myth but one that doesn t really make a point or König der Welten 1 even make sense I feel like when you reimagine or rewrite a myth there should be a point to your changes A reason A different meaning you want to offerThe changes made no sense to me At thend of the book there s a part called notes where the author gives a couple of lines of Love, and Other Things to Live For explanation on a chapter Turns outach chapter is only oh what if They re basically musings of the author on the myths Sure you can write about that but it wasn t interesting and after Treasure Trail / The Crimson Phoenix / Model Murder (The Shadow, each chapter I was unsure of what I d just read They re a bunch of short stories but with no beginning middle ornd They re too much like the original myths to offer a refreshing perspective or new insights but at the same time they have lost the the core and strength of the original Like I said this book feels Vanity Bagh empty to me There a words that form a sentence and sentences that form a chapter but that s itThe writing also made it very hard to get invested in this book Honestly the amount of times Mason uses and then he and then they is completely mind blowing Example There was a moment of pain and then he didn t want to move The grey sky through the black branches seemed unreal and remote then they jostled him and he saw the wet sand inches from hisyes He felt what might have been teeth and then he felt what might have been a knife and then he was just cold Then the women were gone their cries receding into the woods This is how the whole book is written Not pleasant to read at all The style is very lyrical as well At first I thought it was pretty but have you ver thought that you were reading but when you get to the nd of the passage you realize that none of the words actually got through to you The style is so pleasing that it s mpty meaningless There s so much wandering gazing and floating *going on in this book Waves crashing snow falling fire burning *on in this book Waves crashing snow falling fire burning and cryptical conversations I don t want to read 300 pages of that The whole book is a bunch of adjectives and descriptions There s no action or fire in the writing there s no actual feeling in it The book just seemed to drag on and onThe chapters that contained myths I didn t know were incredibly confusing and I imagine the book is unreadable if you don t know anything or ven much about Greek or Roman mythology Each chapter is about a different person and the chapters have nothing to do with Mundane Grimoire each other There s no natural flow from one chapter to another But they are so vague that they can t stand on their ownither If you don t know the original myth you will have zero understanding of what s going on Even the chapters of which I did know the original story often made no sense The two stars are because it wasn t horrible I guess The writing is pretty though not pleasant to read for 300 pages At first Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn and TensorFlow: Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems each chapter was nicenough but after a while they all blend together and become meaningless I wouldn t recommend this book to anyone not bad not bad at all but a Little Confusing At Times I M A Real Fan Of confusing at times I m a real fan of classic or other generally I prefer when it s written like stephen fry s mythos with a lot p tongue in cheek as I said not bad at all a bit too serious maybe These are haunting Keys to inner space elegiac pieces that use Greek and Roman myths as writing prompts As in hisarlier works Mason is concerned with modern Borgesian ideas of identity paradox and surreal desolation and he pumps those themes back into the original stories sometimes filling them with new life and sometimes bursting the seams of the original I wouldn t say all of the pieces are successful and some of them are too slight to add much to Ovid But they re all gracefully written and it s nice of them are too slight to add much to Ovid But they re all gracefully written and it s nice re inhabit the world of The Lost Books of the Odyssey Winner Takes All even if this is a lesserntry I wish Mason had left out the brief notes at the Registers of Illuminated Villages end though as they were overlyxplanatory of process and seemed than a little pretentious Almost In the tradition of Zachary Mason’s bestselling first novel The Lost Books of the Odyssey – where he recast Ping-pong episodes from Homer’s masterpiece – Metamorphica now reimagines Ovid’spic poem of ndless transformation Metamorphoses Just as the Roman poet reinvigorated the Greek Classical legends 700 years after Homer so Mason now gives us a radical and xciting renovation of those myths 2000 years after OvidIt. .

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MetamorphicaAnnoyed But I can t say they were bad they weren t for me I can pick out a few things that I maybe didn t like The style is unoriginal the stories feel very similar in many aspects and so many are open Firmin ended with a with characters staring into the vastmptiness and depths of no meaning but he only pulls this last bit off with for me mild interestover and over again And finally his poetic voice did nothing for me He has a nice vocab but it felt to me like he was trying to sound lyrical but instead managed to sound like weak imitation So that s a lot of criticismWhat to make of this Well my criticism are very moody and I do hope no one takes them too seriously I honestly am not sure why I didn t like this book I m curious how my response will compare with that of other readers Mobilizing Minds especially those holding that nice hardcover in their hands This is a stunning book So beautifully lyrical Gorgeous prose But I was left cold I think I love Ovid s Metamorphoses too much to let my heart love this too Such a shame really because I was very much looking forward to this And I guess the icing on the cake of disappointment was the retelling of Orpheus in the Underworld Orpheus and Eurydice is my favouritever Greek myth I read it first when I was a really young girl and it just touched my soul in only the way a soul can be touched when you re just young and innocent and full of the hopes of life to come And here Oh god I can t bear what he did to the story IT HURTS MY SOUL TO SEE ORPHEUS LOOK AT EURYDICE LIKE THAT WHY ZACHARY WHY I mean I get it Orpheus was a bit of a tosser but HE IS MY TOSSER I m so upset I want to angrily rate this book one star but that s petty isn t itI am a petty human thoughTwo stars Watch this rating drop in a day or two Review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureZachary Mason who retold Homer s story of the wanderings of Odysseus in his well received 2007 debut novel The Lost Books of the Odyssey takes on Ovid s The Building Accounts of Corpus Christi College, Oxford, 1517-18 epic narrative poem Metamorphoses in his latest work Metamorphica 2018 Mason distills Metamorphoses over 250 Greek myths into 53 brief stories including the tales of Arachne Daedalus and Icarus Philemon and Baucis Narcisssus Achilles Midas and many Metamorphica is a loosely connected collection of retold myths than a cohesive novel with a single plot It s rather fragmented both as a collection and within the stories themselves many of which are of the slice of life variety But lovely andlegiac writing marks the whole set and But That I Cant Believe! each individual story is a well crafted jewel focusing the reader sye on its own individual theme and distinct characters Mason focuses on the characters psychology and motivations pride revenge love greed power and other timeless passions that resonate in both the ancient Greek settings and in our modern worldThe theme of transformation or metamorphosis also freuently resurfaces in these tales Scylla was a beautiful sea nymph who is now a man Grange-Enders eating monster King Minos spends years pursuing his vanished friend and prisoner Daedalus becoming a changed man in the process Pentheus a disciplined man dedicated to his duty has a life changingncounter with Dionysos the god of transformation When Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia to god of transformation When Agamemnon sacrifices his daughter Iphigenia to Artemis so she will release the winds to allow the greek armada to winds to allow the Greek armada to to Troy his wife Clytemnestra is never the same afterwards I remembered how he d washed his hands in a fountain after killing her with the look of a man relieved to have put a difficult task behind him and my mind ignited like dry kindling suddenly I was Boku Loli! 2 empty of love and had no purpose in life but to be his undoing I ve been waiting a long time for my husband to come homeChillingMason reinvents the Greek myths liberally in several of these stories leading to some unexpected but logical twists Midas forxample invents the concept of coin money rather than having the magical power of turning The Million-Dollar Bloodhunt everything he touches into gold Icarus with his homemade wings dashes himself against thedge of the Earth s atmosphere rather than melting his wings by flying too close to the sun though his fate in Mason s story is uite different Orpheus ventures into the underworld to win his lover Eurydice back from Death but comes to a surprising realization about her as they climb through the cave toward the sunAlthough these stories are relatively independent of Carrion Comfort each other they re still interrelated tied together by Greek mythology themes some recurring characters and a fascinating star map that visually mirrors the structure of Metamorphica withach star named after a different story or character in the book The map is divided into seven sections with Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, each section and its imaginary I m fairly certain constellations matching up with a different part of Metamorphica MasonxplainsLines are narrative connections which form constellationsA story s distance from the center increases with its distance from primordial time The outermost ring is the nd of the age of myth which is the aftermath of the Trojan War or shortly thereafterI strongly recommend Metamorphica to any *student or fan of greek mythology or readers *or fan of Greek mythology or readers appreciate lyrical writing and fantasy that tends toward the somber and introspective I received a free copy of this book from the publisher Farrar Straus and Giroux for review Thank you. Shape changing gods by keeping their ssences while rewriting their stories It is this xtraordinary narrative approach that is so thrilling; we watch as the author xtracts and out of the original legend – adding infinite perspectives to narratives we thought we knew Mason understands that the great myths are parables – always in flux always relevant – always throwing shards of light from the morning of the wor. ,