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Rt a basic blog or Website Is Here Well Done is here Well done Ms McHarry For A Well Organized a well organized with easy to follow steps diagrams and further resources Took too long to get through it I decided to go with a different instruction book and online courses Good book for reference I purchased this book on kindle and within two days I had a great looking site up and running The lag time was only due to the hosting site The book truly walks ou through step by step and with a complete non techy person it was a breeze My only frustration was it didn t provide a warning that the authorization emails could take a few hours to come through so I thought

had missed a step when couldn t access my cpanel right away If ou were like me and scared to death of trying to create a website from scratch this is a great tool that will help ou achieve our goal with no hair pulling or toddler tears. A few clicks of the mouseHow to design a professional looking WordPress websiteAdding posts and pagesHow to use graphics and imagesAll about themes plugins and widgets and lots Important this guide is up to date for the current release of WordPress 331Whether ou want a simple WordPress blog or a full blown ecommerce site Sarah's 'WordPress To Go' will start ou off on the right fo. Off is the author suggests ou to sign up for self hosting through Site Ground and all of the steps are based on the platform but can be implemented the same through other hosting sites if Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam Prep Guide for Adwords Certification you have some sort of computer and web knowledge This is not a bad thing in my eyes because I went with Site Ground and was planning to before I found this book because it has great reviews in the blogging community and it one of the cheapest options with the most value forour money I was interested in learning WordPress and was able to download this "For Free To My Kindle The Author Provided A Good "free to my Kindle The author provided a good by step Approach For Setting Up A Website I for setting up a website I access to a WP account and was able to easily follow along using this book to set up first website Will rate at later date Very basic but a gratifyingly uick and informative read All the angles are covered and everything Spot 50 Butterflies Moths you need to sta. Book's uick Start Guide Sarah showsou how to make a website with WordPress in eight easy lessons In the In Depth Guide Sarah introduces ou to some of the advanced techniues to help ou develop Magento Search Engine Optimization your WordPress website into a fully functional professional web presence Whatou'll learn in this bookHow to get our domain and the right WordPress hostingHow to install WordPress with. WordPress To Go